• Keens Portable Storage offers maintenance-free storage trailer rental options. If you have a specific need for a trailer but don’t want the hassle of maintenance or owning a truck to move it, let us create a custom package for a short or long-term rental.
  • When you need your trailer moved, call us and we’ll move it. We will handle all DOT requirements, if needed, to keep the trailer current. If you need a trailer that doesn’t need to be moved every day and is used primarily for storage, this is a great option.
  • Our drop trailers are safe, secure, watertight, and nearly indestructible and come in 28-foot, 45-foot, 48-foot and 53-foot sizes.
  • Brockman takes the stress out of moving as one of our friendly and professional drivers will drop off the trailer. You load it up at your own pace and schedule a time for us to bring it to the unloading address—usually the same driver will pick it up.
  • A locked trailer can provide a good level of security a rather low monthly rate.
All of our mobile storage trailers are dock-level and forklift accessible. They provide mobile (location to location) waterproof extra storage space where and when you need it
Trailer Quote Request
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