In your quest to purchase a shipping container, it’s crucial to navigate the potential hazards of dealing with fraudulent sellers on platforms like Facebook Marketplace. However, there are reputable local sellers like Keens Storage & Containers in the Shenandoah Valley, providing trustworthy options. Here’s how to discern between legitimate sellers and scammers:


  1. Payment Before Delivery Requests

Be wary of sellers who demand payment before the delivery of the shipping container. Reputable sellers, like Keens Storage & Containers, understand the importance of securing payment upon delivery or based on agreed-upon terms.


  1. Transparent Inspection Opportunities

A trustworthy seller will allow you ample time to inspect the container thoroughly before finalizing the purchase. At Keens Storage & Containers, we encourage customers to visit our location if they are interested in a container, especially if it’s the first time they have purchased one. This is because it’s important to us that they know and understand exactly what they are getting.


  1. Fair Pricing Practices

Beware of sellers offering excessively low prices or demanding unusually high payments upfront. At Keens Storage & Containers, our pricing is fair and competitive, reflecting the quality and value of our containers. And we would never require payment without allowing you to view the container first here at our company headquarters.


  1. Verified Payment Methods

Ensure that payment methods used are legitimate and verified. Keens Storage & Containers accepts secure payment options, providing peace of mind to buyers throughout the transaction process.

  1. Official Communication Channels

Stick to official communication channels provided by reputable sellers like Keens Storage & Containers. Avoid engaging in off-platform conversations, as scammers often exploit alternative communication methods to deceive buyers.


Identifying Reliable Sellers:

Look for sellers with a proven track record of reliability and positive customer feedback. Keens Storage & Containers has built a reputation for excellence in providing high-quality shipping containers and exceptional customer service in the Shenandoah Valley. This can be verified by viewing our Google, Facebook and BBB reviews.


What to Do If You Encounter Suspicious Activity:

If you encounter suspicious behavior or believe you’ve come across a fraudulent seller, trust your instincts and proceed with caution. Report any concerns to the platform immediately and IF you see a business being impersonated, please call that company and let them know.


In conclusion, when purchasing a shipping container, prioritize safety and reliability by choosing reputable sellers like Keens Storage & Containers. By following these guidelines and partnering with trusted sellers, you can confidently acquire the shipping container you need for your project or storage needs.


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